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Everything you need to know about your NeoFold E-Bike.
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Yes, we make international orders that are taken to the address provided in the purchase form.

It is not advisable, as it is designed for the city.

At the time of making your order you will find all the varieties of colors available, being able to even choose a combination of two colors.

Thanks to its unique design that allows you to fold it completely, you can take your NeoFold on:

  • The subway
  • Excursions
  • Campus or University
  • Short Trips

The weight of NeoFold is 9.8 kg, making it light and easy to carry.

All the technical features of NeoFold are located at the following link: Technical Features

Thanks to its backpack, NeoFold can be transported with great ease when you are not using it.

The full battery takes only a couple of hours to be charged, but you can use it even if it has not fully loaded.

NeoFold works with a lithium battery that can be recharged by connecting one end of the charger to the bicycle and the other to a normal plug.

With the battery fully charged, NeoFold can travel a distance of 15 to 25 kilometres. It’ll all depend on the terrain you’re moving into.