Electric Bike
for the city

The soul of Neofold Electric Bike was not only to create a bike with the latest design and latest technology, the soul of Neofold is to help you, is to transport people in an ecologic way, is to offer you the best and easiest option to move around the cities and enjoy your way home.

The electric bike for the city, with urban style.

The impossible becomes simple with Neofold electric bike.

The Neofold electric bike was designed by European engineers who decided to create a unique design that could change the concept of electric bike, it was practically impossible to move with regular electric bikes around the city having always the problems that are too heavy, too big and impossible to take with you.  The designers wanted to create something for the people, a new way of transport that will create a unique experience. The first question was ¿how can I take my electric bike with me everywhere? , not a simple question for the designers, the design started in creating a design reducing all the volume of the bike without taking out the potential of using best quality components, the design took them 2 years of working, finding out the solutions and the best mechanisms to make NEOFOLD the best electric bike.  Neofold was designed not only by engineers and designers, was designed by you, many people helped on the process to reach the actual NEOFOLD, feedbacks of hundreds of persons were taken in count to improve each part of the bike, we wanted to build something for you.

Neofold is surprising, because of its design and its easy use and handling. Take your electric bike with you, everywhere.

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